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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Beta Information

How do I raise a bug or issue?

You can raise a ticket by visiting the help section.

How do I send you some feedback or give you ideas for new features?

We welcome all ideas and features. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

My Account

How do I show my profile picture?

The profile picture is associated with the email address you use for your account. Essentially you associate your email address with your profile picture with the free Gravatars service. As a bonus, when you post a comment on a blog with that email address, on a blog that supports gravatars, your profile photo will also show up next to your comment.

Adding Blogs

Why are blogs manually approved by the admins?

This is to ensure that only high quality blogs are added to the system. By high quality, me mean that the blog is obviously being updated by a real person and isn’t an automatically updating blog with duplicated content.