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About BlogSynergy

What is BlogSynergy?

BlogSynergy is essentially a social network for the blogging community. Bloggers can sign up for free accounts and can initiate a writer's profile and a profile for one or more blogs they authored. Registered members are displayed and searchable, and can follow and connect with one another. 
BlogSynergy is also based in part on interaction tools designed to facilitate the possibilities of potential guest blogging opportunities between members.
Members of BlogSynergy can also submit their own written articles to the BlogSynergy's catalog/directory of articles, and earn 100% of revenue from displayed ads.
In fact, BlogSynergy is the only social Network that allows its members to earn 100% of revenues from displayed ads on all pages that are directly related to their own profiles.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the activity where you write an article for another blog. The article you write is related to both your blog and the blog you’re writing for. At the end of the article, you typically have a link or two back to your website

  • You benefit as you gain some exposure, some good quality links back to your website and hopefully some visitors too.
  • The host blog you’re writing for gets some free fresh content for their blog, as well as the opportunity to give their readers something a little different.

How does BlogSynergy help?

Up until now, finding blogs to write for, or indeed finding people to write for your blog, has very much been a manual process. e.g. Approaching different blogs and contacting them by email asking them if they’re interested in a guest blog article.

BlogSynergy makes it really easy to find guest bloggers to write for your blog, or finding host blogs for whom you can write guest articles for.

BlogSynergy also has a list of guest bloggers who are keen to write guest articles for your blogs. You just need to find writers who write about topics covered by your blog.

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